President Trump Just Turned the Tables on Robert Mueller

The mainstream media doesn’t have two cents worth of credibility these days, but there are a couple of liberal propaganda rags that are particularly heinous! President Donald Trump took to his Twitter account today and pushed back against a New York Times article that alleges he attempted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in December.

On Thursday morning, the president tweeted, “If I wanted to fire Robert Mueller in December, as reported by the Failing New York Times, I would have fired him. Just more Fake News from a biased newspaper!”

Here’s the scoop from Daily Caller:

The NYT report alleged that Trump was incensed by false December reports that Mueller had subpoenaed his personal financial records from Deutsche Bank. “To Mr. Trump, the subpoenas suggested that Mr. Mueller had expanded the investigation in a way that crossed the ‘red line’ he had set last year,” the report noted.

Trump however pushed back saying he would have fired Mueller if he wanted too. The President has been incensed with Mueller since reports of an FBI raid on his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s office Monday. The raid was spawned by a referral from Mueller’s office to the U.S. attorney of the southern district of New York.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Tuesday the President believes he has the authority to fire Mueller if he desires.

And now the question becomes, should President Trump fire Robert Mueller? Although the 45th President of the United States most likely has that legal authority, it would not be in his best interest. By terminating Mueller, he could precipitate a constitutional crisis where Congress, the Supreme Court, and the Executive branch would be at odds with each other.

Trump has claimed from the beginning that he is innocent, and personally, I find that claim convincing. However, it would not surprise me that some members of his campaign staff are guilty of financial crimes or even improper communications with Russian authorities. It would be best to let the investigation run its course and the guilty parties be tried by a jury of their peers.

It’s obviously frustrating for the president to endure all the hoopla surrounding the investigation. And regrettably, it’s an enormous distraction from governing.

What’s your take on the Mueller probe? 

Should Trump fire special counsel Mueller
or let the investigation run it’s course?