Everyone’s Talking About Her Ring… But They Missed This One Little Thing!

While the mainstream media relentlessly focuses on the cost of Melania’s wedding ring and whether President Trump misrepresented how much he paid for it, a little nugget of truth is being looked over. Although the chiefs at Graff jewelers insist Trump paid full price, they forgot to mention their little side deal with The Apprentice…

Here’s the real deal from Vanity Fair:

In 2005, The New York Times featured Donald and Melania Trump’s then-impending nuptials in a story about how when it comes to product placement, weddings are the new movies. It’s an idea that seems almost quaint on this side of the Instagram filter, but it opened with a discussion of a discounted 15-carat Graff wedding ring, which Trump had claimed he got half-off in exchange for publicity.

“Only a fool would say, ‘No thank you, I want to pay a million dollars more for a diamond,’” Trump told the paper.

Graff said the company did Trump “no [favors],” though the current president was “a pleasure to do business with.” Company’s C.F.O. Nicholas Paine reiterated, “We don’t sell items for publicity value.” 

But here’s what Mr. Graff did not mention, and what has not been reported in the mainstream media. Every other piece on CNN is about how Trump lied about getting a discount…

But, in contradiction to Mr. Graff’s statements, there’s this little gem:

Graff did place its product on The Apprentice in November 2004. A winning team of second season contestants received $50,000 to spend at the New York location as a reward at the end of an episode (the top end of sponsorship for the show could cost up to $25 million so knocking a bit off the retail price of a diamond actually sounds like a steal).

This exchange is likely what the President was talking about with regard to receiving a discount. The diamond merchant is obviously using the manufactured controversy to get a little free publicity at the expense of the president’s good name…

Of course, Donald J. Trump is no stranger to negative media attention. He is in truth one of the most skillful and practiced people ever to grace the American political stage. He has an uncanny ability to utilize any media coverage, negative or positive, to further his agenda.

You don’t become one the richest men in the entire world or President of the United States by not understanding the value of free advertising. At any rate, Melania’s ring is beautiful… Really, who cares how much he paid for it?

What do you think of Melania’s ring?