Muller Makes Devious Strategy Shift – Here’s What It Means For Melania

With the recent raid of attorney Michael Cohen’s office and hotel room, all eyes in the mainstream media have been glued to President Trump. But as legal experts begin to dissect possible defense strategies for Mr. Cohen over allegations he broke campaign finance laws, one person is emerging as the key witness in case. And she’s reportedly furious about it!

There is a recent trial that provides a roadmap for what could happen to President Donald Trump and his longtime lawyer Michael Cohen. Just like with the John Edwards matter in 2008, the man-in-question’s wife is with who the entire case will be won or lost.

Here’s the scoop per AOL:

That other case involved former Democratic Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina. The Justice Department (DOJ) took Edwards all the way to trial over payments some supporters made to his mistress, Rielle Hunter, in the lead-up to the 2008 election cycle. Edwards was prosecuted on six counts, one of which he was acquitted on while the jury was hung on the other five, resulting in a mistrial. The case was not brought back forward.

That brings us to Cohen, who facilitated a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels just weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

“People are mistaking this for a thing about the campaign,” Cohen told Vanity Fair earlier this year. “What I did defensively for my personal client, and my friend, is what attorneys do for their high-profile clients. I would have done it in 2006. I would have done it in 2011. I truly care about him and the family — more than just as an employee and an attorney.”

Ryan said Cohen will likely end up arguing that the payments were made to protect the president’s wife from embarrassment. But the other “factual circumstances” here make the argument less likely to hold up in the same way it did for Edwards.

“I think to the extent that Cohen argues this was about keeping the information from Melania, then what Melania knew and when she knew it will certainly be relevant,” he continued, adding that he wants to see Cohen, Trump, Daniels, and Melania all be deposed.

If that’s the legal strategy the defense pursues, then the logical conclusion is for the prosecution depose First Lady Melania Trump. Exactly what she knew and when she knew it becomes the legal battle ground. It’s our prayer that Melania is able to avoid a courtroom circus and continues to spend her time being a mother and representative of this great country.

Wouldn’t it be terrible to see Melania on the stand?