Jimmy Kimmel Just Hit Deranged Donald Trump With A Knockout Punch For The Ages

Jimmy Kimmel has done it again.

While most late night hosts give their fair share of jabs to our current President, it has been Jimmy Kimmel who’s been delivering the consistent knockout blows to our Commander-In-Tweets.

Last night, during his monologue, Jimmy addressed the President’s tweets claiming that the whole story about Rex Tillerson resigning and calling him a “f**king moron” were false and “fake news.”

Jimmy was there to echo the sentiments shared by every American citizens since this buffoon’s inauguration: The media isn’t fake news – Donald Trump is fake news!

Or as the hilarious talk show host put it, Donald Trump is “the Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley and Great Wall of China of Fake News combined.”

He went on to reference multiple reports that highlight Trump’s long string of lies. When discussing how many of his statements are made up, Politifact found that “More than two thirds – 69% – are either mostly false, false, or Pants On Fire false.”

Those are some truly amazing stats. Can’t say we didn’t expect that, though.

Numbers don’t lie, Donny.

But you sure do.

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