Hillary’s Live Interview Abruptly SHUT DOWN – Suffers Mortifying Episode She Can’t Recover From

Many politicians are hated by people of the opposing party. But Hillary Clinton has managed to make herself hated by people of all parties, thanks to her lies, corruption, and insincerity.

The result of her lifetime of nastiness resulted in such an onslaught of negative comments on PBS’s live feed of her receiving the 2017 Democratic Woman of the Year Award they actually had to remove that feed altogether.

PBS then tried to post the feed on YouTube and, while they were able to disable the comments section, they couldn’t disable the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” components, which resulted in an overwhelming “thumbs down” for Hillary.

Just a few of the hilarious comments that were found on the Facebook feed included:

Bin Lambert
Any other recipients of this award need to throw it in the garbage now. It is tarnished and meaningless.

Timotheous Post
Inspiration to women? She bankrupt the DNC, lost big, and whines/blames everyone buy (sic) herself. Wow. Just wow.

Chad Lamothe
Winner of the biggest sore loser award.

Jeffrey Briggs
By contributions to America I assume you mean depleting our uranium by 20% in a Russian collusion scam. How about you congratulate her on her ability to deter more than 75% of living Americans.

Susan Holub Havelka
Hillster, you are not a role model for me, my daughters, nor any woman I know who has values. You are a corrupt, lying thief !

Of course, this is not the first example of bipartisan crowds hating on Hillary. As described on Newsweek.com, in August 2004, then–New York Senator Hillary Clinton rang the opening bell at the New York Mercantile Exchange. When she walked onto the trading floor she was actually booed by the traders there. It wasn’t that they hated Democrats. In fact, a lot of the traders were Democrats. They just hated Hillary. The managers at the exchanged had to apologize to her and then they forced the traders to hold their boos and other comments as they had Hillary walk onto the floor a second time.

And then, going way back, there were the questions around Clinton’s extremely questionable futures trades, which she made in the 1970’s. Futures trades are notoriously difficult for even expert traders to make profitable. So, when experts investigated these trades, wherein a pregnant Clinton invested $1,000 and walked away with almost $100,000, they estimated the possibility of her making those trades without cheating to be one in approximately thirty-one trillion.

Oh, please, Hillary. Just go back into the woods and leave the rest of the world, both Republicans and Democrats, in peace. We may not love each other, but we all can’t stand you!