You Won’t Believe What This White, Male Dem Congressional Candidate Just Claimed!

It has become clear that the Democrat strategy in 2018 and maybe 2020 is to run seemingly moderate white men for offices.

The only problem with this, to a rational D-column voter, is that it gives lie to the claim that the Democrats are for diversity.

For a party that hosts a white-women claiming Native American ancestry (Se. Elizabeth Warren) and another white-woman who says she is Black (Rachel Dozezal), there can be added a white North Carolina Democratic candidate who says he is part of the Black community.

The Daily Caller reports that House of Representatives candidate Gary Shipman is pushing aside complaints about a lack of diversity in his party with an outright lie.

While speaking to the The News & Observer on April 10, Shipman is quoted as saying, “I’m a member of the African-American community. I’ve been where you are. I’ve been in your communities.

“I’ve eaten at many a fish fry held by my ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters,’ ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’ in that community; I’ve celebrated birthdays, births, marriages, graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4, etc., with many members of the African-American community.”

The response came during a ‘community outreach’ forum focused on encouraging Black people to vote.

The Caller writes that “Shipman later tried to explain his comments after an inquiry from the News & Observer, saying he doesn’t really believe he is black but that he was just trying to illustrate how embedded he is in the community.



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