MSNBC Host Takes to Airwaves and Melts Down Like a 10 Cent Candle Over Trump

The Left has gone from Trump Derangement to violent fantasies sired by delusional ‘what ifs’.

MSNBC host Joy Reid, never one who had all her marbles to begin with, has slipped off of the slope of sanity. On the April 8 airing of her show, Reid subjected her guest to the musings of an unhinged mind.

Legal Insurrection writes that Reid began by asking former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman:

“Let’s say that Donald Trump decides he doesn’t want to give an interview with Mueller, but Mueller says ‘Oh, but you will.’ And he’s subpoenaed to [be] interview[ed] [by] Robert Mueller. And Donald Trump simply says, ‘I don’t recognize that subpoena.’ This is a president whose behavior is different as president of the United States. He doesn’t follow convention. Who would force him to comply with the subpoena ordering him to do an interview with Robert Mueller?”

Ackerman responded that a federal judge would order compliance, to which Reid asked how that would be enforced.

“Normally, a person who refuses to testify before a grand jury winds up being incarcerated for the time period of the grand jury which can be up to 18 months,” Akerman said. “So, one way to enforce it is to have Donald Trump taken by the federal marshals and put into federal prison until he testifies.”

This was all Reid needed to hear.

“What if he refuses to open the White House door?” Reid asked, “What if he fires any Secret Service agent who would allow the federal marshals in? What if Donald Trump simply decides I don’t have to follow the law? ‘I refuse to be held under the law. No marshal can get into this White House and any Secret Service agent who defies me is fired.’”

Ackerman replied that such behavior would land average Americans in the clink until he agreed to comply.

All of this most likely put the ‘joy’ into Joy Reid.

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