Home Depot Makes Major Announcement That Has Veterans Cheering!

What do you get when you have a President that clamps down on illegal immigration and rejuvenates the economic vitality of American industrialism? You get the hiring of tens of thousands of Americans for jobs that would have gone to lower-skilled, often illegal, foreigners.

A report by Breitbart states that “Home Depot is planning to invest $50 million in training 20,000 American veterans and soldiers, young people, and disadvantaged youth for construction work as the industry has tightened in Trump’s era of economic nationalism.”

The Washington Post reports that President Trump’s economic policies have resulted in the biggest drop in unemployment (0.7 points) since 1993 (at 0.8 points) and the Peace Dividend Bill Clinton inherited when the Cold War ended a year before. As a comparison, the WaPo writes that unemployment climbed 2.1 points under Obama.

Just in 14 months, President Trump has added 1.8 million jobs to the economy, compared to Obama’s oversight of 4.3 million lost jobs. Not since the administration of President John F. Kennedy has the manufacturing industry seen such an explosion of job growth, with 184,000 people securing employment in manufacturing. Of interest if Trump’s approach to federal government job growth. The WaPo says that the current President has cut 14,000 jobs, while Obama had added 45,000.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has been empowered by Trump to crack down on the flow of illegals across the border, the use of illegal labor by American businesses and the squirreling away of illegals in sanctuary cities.

This has put a serious and much-needed squeeze on employers addicted to cheap labor.

Breitbart reports that during this year “14 illegal alien construction workers were arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

“Home builders over the last year have repeatedly complained of not having their usual continued flow of illegal alien workers to shuffle around the construction industry.”

This President has made ‘America first’ not just a nice bumper sticker slogan, but a real and palpable policy change…one sorely needed.

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