Everyone’s Talking About Alabama Football Team’s Heartwarming Moment with Trump

In a day and age where celebrities and athletes virtue-signal their eliteness by refusing to meet with President Trump, it was truly moving to see the scene that took place at the White House today between the President and the NCAA National Champs.

After a White House ceremony in which the President congratulated the Alabama football team for their championship season, several Alabama football players huddled around President Trump and prayed with him.

After eight long years under the reign of King Obama, isn’t it refreshing to have a real Christian in the White House? In an age where faith and reason seem to be going out of style, it’s nice to take a moment and express some gratitude to the man upstairs for all of our blessings.

Here’s the scoop from Saturday Down South:

Alabama closed its visit to the White House by asking for some help from above.

As the Tide were getting ready to wrap up their visit to celebrate their 2017 College Football Playoff National Championship, Alabama punter J.K. Scott offered up a request. He wanted to pray for President Donald Trump and his staff.

Some would say that Alabama had a blessed 2017 after barely making the College Football Playoff and winning the national championship in overtime. That, obviously, was why Alabama was at the White House in the first place.

The Tide might’ve just become the first team to share a post-celebration prayer with the president.

Here’s more from CBN News:

“Each of you here today is here because of your grit, your drive, your dedication, and your incredible teamwork,” Pres. Trump said. “Over the last several decades, America has learned that Alabama football knows how to win and how to keep winning… they just keep winning. It also takes a great coach and a great athletic director.”

President Trump concluded his congratulatory remarks with a celebratory “Roll Tide!”

Does having President Trump in the White House make you proud to be a Christian, a patriot, and a conservative?

Do you still support President Trump