JUST IN: Sad Announcement About Eric Bolling

BREAKING: Former Fox News host Eric Bolling took to Twitter on Thursday to make an announcement that has his fans praying for him.

“6 months ago today I lost my college sophomore, my only child, my son, my best friend,” Bolling wrote, according to Daily Mail. To parents: ‘Not my child’ syndrome is dangerous and deadly. To kids: ‘One pill can kill.'”

Bolling was referring to the death of his beloved son Eric Chase Bolling Jr., who passed away in the fall of a drug overdose. He was only 19 years-old.

Since his son’s death, Bolling has teamed up with Donald Trump’s White House to become a crusader against the opioid crisis. Last week, he recorded a public service announcement for the White House about this issue.


Bolling described his son as a “normal kid” who loved baseball and his car, and he had an active social life. Bolling and his wife were driving home from dinner when they got the call that no parent wants to receive: their son had died in an opioid overdose.

Bolling said that his wife Adrienne “fell into the road,” before he gathered her and they both sat on the curb crying and talking for an hour.

“We never saw it coming,” he explained, choking back tears. “Every parent doesn’t want it, but we got it.”

Bolling tortured himself for weeks wondering what went wrong before he finally gathered the courage to get back on Twitter. When he finally did, he was “overwhelmed” by the stories of people who had been affected by opioids.

“It helps to talk about it and to find resources,” Bolling shared. He added that one of the main problems in this crisis is what he calls the “Not My Kid Syndrome.”

“It could very well be your kid,” he said. “Do yourself a favor, have the discussion with them, and do it again and again. Get involved in your kid’s life. Keep an eye on what they’re spending. You can save someone.”

Please keep Eric Bolling and his family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time!